The story

Adam Huber’s story is a moving, inspiring account of his journey from crippling arthritis to radiant health and wellness—in just four short months. For 11 years, he suffered from progressive degeneration and joint pain that left him unable to work, function normally or even move short distances unaided. He was emaciated and barely able to function when he met Frank Ludde—a Metabolic Therapist who developed a unique nutritional approach that proved effective in treating all forms of degenerative disease, including cancer, Parkinson’s and even Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Completely cured of his debilitating disease by Ludde’s revolutionary therapy, Huber spent three years observing and learning about Ludde’s work. Now, eight years after Frank Ludde’s death, Huber has consolidated his considerable knowledge and first-hand experience in this practical guide to recovery and vibrant health, designed for anyone suffering from arthritis or other degenerative conditions.


    Red Toe, Red Door reveals a triumph of body, mind and spirit over seemingly impossible odds―a must-read for anyone who suffers from arthritis (and some 20% of us will) or any other degenerative disease.  

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